Coastal Themed Weddings in the Winter

Who's to say that you can't have a beach themed wedding during the winter? After all, the beach still exists during the cold months and why should we close our eyes to its beauty? I personally love visiting the ocean during the cold and quiet winter months. It makes for great beach combing without the competition! So why not go ahead with that beachy styled wedding day this winter?

No need to think that far outside the box with this one. Just dream of all your favorite things associated with the coast and think Christmas or wintry weather. Here are some ideas off the top of my head...

*Add pretty gold glitter bows to that starfish.
*Paint Snowman faces on your sand dollars or Santa starfish.
*Create Christmas tree centerpieces out of stacked starfish and add fake snow and glitter.
*Use medium sized sea shells and paint them red and gold and use as table cards. 

         So cute! Click pics for more info

    Hey, not bad for a few quickie ideas! So how about grabbing your bridesmaids and have a DIY get together to create fun and personalized touches to your wedding? Not the crafty type? No problem. Online marketplaces like Etsy, Artfire and Bonanza  feature many talented artisans and crafters selling these sorts of unique items. 

    I personally would be thrilled attending a wedding or any event during the winter months with a coastal theme. That is, a coastal theme with a wintry or Holiday flair mixed in. I betcha it would be a memorable event for every one of your guests!

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